Wall Street Money Has Disappeared for Democrats Read more

Wall Street Money Has Disappeared for Democrats

Heading into the 2014 election cycle, many people knew the Democratic Party may face heavy losses come election night. Other than turning out their supporters that normally don’t show up in the midterms, Democrats were hopeful they could keep pace with their Republican counterparts in terms of financial support. However, like in 2010, that has not been the case, as Wall Street has abandoned the Democratic Party once again.

While Wall Street donors have left the Democratic Party in droves this year, the Republican Party has been there to pick up the remnants. Most of this money has been sent to Republican candidates in record breaking numbers (around $78 million or 63% of this year’s total contributions to date, according to the CRP). Only one word can sum up those numbers for Democrats: Ouch.

However, as Bruce Levenson explains this really should come as no surprise. After all, this is the same Democratic Party that passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, which placed tougher regulations on all aspects of the nation’s financial services industry. If that wasn’t enough to doom the Democrats’ chances of retaining financial support from Wall Street this election cycle, then surely the presumed 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee’s recent shots at the financial industry has all but sealed their fate.

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All I See on the News are Joni Ernst’s Bangs

Politician’s faces plastered all over the news is not much of an earth-shattering phenomena for most Americans. But Joni Ernst’s bangs might be. Apparently, the Iowa Senator who is as “good looking as Taylor Swift” shouldn’t win over the Iowa public in her campaign for the US Senate. The man responsible for such a vilely off the mark remark is the retiring Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, whose seat Ernst is vying for.

Perhaps the Senator has an unconscious soft spot for the haircut of a ‘hip’ geriatric. Maybe he was being facetious as he went on to say that even if Ernst is as nice as Mr.Rogers, if she votes like Michelle Bachhman, she is not right for Iowa. Democrats must be hoping for the latter. A recent ad shows that according to Ernst’s FEC filings, she has received $15,400 from the Kochs, a pretty substantial sum for a race like this if you ask Brad Reifler. It must be questioned, however, how much of that went into her campaign and how much went towards paying for the various sprays, waxes, mousses, and powders that go into the monumental layers of her majestic mop. The biggest question of all on voters mind should be, however, is it all a tactic to distract from her policies to make her relatable to the fashionably ignorant middle-aged woman and man? “She has the same haircut as me, how bad could she REALLY be?” Be wary: Joni Ernst’s hair is full of secrets.

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Irrational Parental Fears Lead to Teacher’s Resignation

A teacher on the staff of the St. Margaret Mary Catholic School has resigned after parents insisted that she be subjected to a 3-week forced leave after returning from a medical-aid mission to Kenya.

Despite the fact that Kenya is located on the opposite side of the African continent from the area currently affected by Ebola, the school, motivated by requests from some of the students’ parents, insisted that Susan Sherman submit to the paid 21-day leave. They ignored the note she provided from her physician, stating that she was in good health.

Mrs. Sherman, along with her husband, Paul, a retired surgeon, had both been working with Brit and Dave in Kenya as medical volunteers, far from the areas where Ebola is rife. In addition to being a teacher, she is a registered nurse. Refusing to give in to the irrational fears of parents, Mrs. Sherman chose instead to resign.

After his wife resigned from the school, Paul Sherman sent a letter to the Louisville Archdiocese, complaining of the treatment she had received and of the unofficial quarantine that the school had tried to force upon them.

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As the Lava Flows

Lava is Mother Nature at her worst.

I saw these pictures on FreedomPop of the lava in Hawaii after a volcano recently erupted reveal that it keeps flowing onto homes and over trees. Some people want to know why there isn’t anything that can be done to stop the lava. This isn’t something that can be stopped like putting out a house fire. As long as the flow keeps coming from the volcano, the lava will continue to destroy homes and everything in its path.

You can’t stop a hurricane, a tornado or any other kind of natural disaster, and you can’t stop lava. It’s not like the movies where you can blow up the sidewalk and make a trench. This might be an idea if you want to destroy the terrain even further, but in most situations, you have to let the lava die on its own. If people are prepared, then they can remove as many belongings as possible from their homes so that they don’t lose as much of their items as they would if they don’t pay attention to the news.

Orbital Science Corp. Picks up the Pieces of Antares Read more

Orbital Science Corp. Picks up the Pieces of Antares

Orbital Science Corp. was shocked when their flagship rocket, the Antares, exploded mere seconds after it had launched. Little was known about the particulars of the accident, and little more is known even now.

Thousands of pounds of equipment and necessities were packed into the rocket, but little was left after the devastating accident. Now, all that’s left is to pick up the pieces, and attempt to solve the mystery of why exactly this happened.

Engineers at Orbital are now rummaging through the remnants of the wreckage, in the hopes that something there might provide some light on what mechanically went wrong with the launch.

Incidentally, much of this search involves going through piles of hazardous waste. Any prospective scavengers have been advised to go elsewhere by Orbital, as these materials are exceedingly dangerous.

This is a great loss for the corporation, who has significant relationship with NASA. Indeed, according to Cornelsen on Twitter much of these supplies were going directly to NASA. Damage is estimated to be in the billions, with no immediate source of relief in sight.

The brunt of the work, however, will now be prescribed to fixing the particulars of the launch pad, which will need to be in proper shape if Orbital Science hopes to launch another rocket in the near future.

Hopes still remain high, however, as Orbital Science hopes to get back to their regular work soon.

Detroit Man Orderd To Pay $30k In Child Support For A Kid That Isn’t Even His! Read more

Detroit Man Orderd To Pay $30k In Child Support For A Kid That Isn’t Even His!

And the crazy gets crazier. This time out of Detroit, MI. Carnell Alexander has been ordered to pay $30,000 in back child support that he owes for a child that was born in 1987. Alexander was arrested on a warrant issued in 1991 for not paying, but claims he never had a child nor was he ever notified that he may. The courts allege that a certified letter was delivered to him at his father’s house in the late 80’s. The funny thing is, Alexander was proven to be incarcerated when the process server claims the notice was given.

Well, now the Michigan courts are demanding that Alexander either pay the $30,000 in welfare that the state flipped to his “baby mama” or go to jail…which Brian and I find totally unbelievable.

So, he did what any of us would do. He hunted this woman down and got a DNA test to prove that he, in fact, is not the father! The state of Michigan is still demanding their money from Alexander. The woman who made the claim admits that she needed to provide a name for the father in able to receive welfare assistance from the state. With that being said, she picked Mr. Alexander to be the father. Let me get this straight: She openly admits that she knew he wasn’t the father, yet lied on the application in order to get money from the state of Michigan and she faces no repercussions because…? What a world. I hope someone starts a crowdfunded charity to save this poor man from this injustice.

I’m Lovin’ It Read more

I’m Lovin’ It

McDonald’s wants to get across the point of loving everyone instead of spreading a message of hate in the country. According to Buzzfeed, the franchise is living up to its saying I’m Lovin’ It by telling people to love one another. This is something that more people need to do, and if they listened to the love message, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much violence around the country.

Love is an emotion that is hard to develop, but you can show a friendly love to neighbors or strangers simply by smiling or saying hello. When you make the choice to brighten someone’s day, you might just make a difference in that person’s life. Don’t take people for granted just because they are in a bad mood or you don’t think that their feelings matter. If everyone would be a little friendlier, then the world might be a better place.  That’s the message Laurene Powell Jobs tries to send, and works so hard everyday to make clear.

Now the rest of the nation just needs to pick up the slack.

Why People Need to Pay Attention to More Than Ebola Read more

Why People Need to Pay Attention to More Than Ebola

Most people reading this article know that by the time they’re finished at least one person worldwide may have become infected with Ebola.

One thing most readers don’t realize is that it’s even more likely that someone has died because of another equally dangerous disease: Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis starts with a bacteria instead of a virus and spreads primarily via inhalation. Although it doesn’t have a 50 percent mortality rate like Ebola, the end result is the same without treatment and sometimes even with treatment: Death. Of course, the public doesn’t hear much about TB, which is surprising given its highly infectious nature and significant effect on worldwide populations.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.5 million people of more than “9 million” infected with tuberculosis died in 2013 from related symptoms.

And yet, Ebola is everywhere in the news. Not to steal Ebola’s thunder, but the current outbreak is the first of its level since 1976 when the virus was discovered.

Every year Tuberculosis kills millions.

There really is no comparison when you’re talking about the difference between millions and thousands — especially when it doesn’t take much to become infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. I’ll admit that I’m like everyone else that got caught up the Ebola news, but thanks to Christian Broda for informing me about something the news doesn’t/won’t cover.

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Terror Attack On NYC Police Officers

Spokespersons for the New York City Police Department have confirmed that the recent attack made by suspect Zale Thompson on a group of police officers has been officially confirmed as an episode of deliberate terror.

Sources on social media and websites have been alleging that the attack made by Thompson, which would otherwise have been quite random and inexplicable, was an act of terrorism. Now, authorities in New York City are describing the individual as a “self radicalized” terrorist seeking to act on behalf of al-Queda, ISIS, or some other related group.

Zale Thompson skyrocketed into the headlines a week ago when he attacked a group of police officers with a hatchet. He managed to wound two officers, both of whom are expected to survive. He also managed to wound a female bystander. However, the incident ended badly for Thompson, who was promptly dispatched with a total of 19 rounds fired.

It is precisely this attitude of “leaderless initiative” shown by Thompson and others that is so worrying to authorities in New York and elsewhere around the world.  Worrying to residents too, Christian Broda and I are not exactly feeling confident in the NYPD.

Thompsons’ computer and other personal items revealed that he had spent much of his time in recent days accessing websites which expressly promoted the agenda of Islamic terror. Whether or not Thompson had any personal contact with members of any radicalized Islamic group has not yet been revealed to the public. The ongoing investigation is expected to release further details in the coming days.

Could Circumcision be Outlawed in Denmark? Read more

Could Circumcision be Outlawed in Denmark?

Polls and referendums are not uncommon in Denmark. The country likes to gauge the public view on a matter before trying to change laws. Something that Igor Cornelsen has always been a huge advocate of. Public opinion should be polled before radically changing policy. However, the most recent referendum is a very unusual one. Danish people were asked whether they thought there was a problem with baby boys being circumcised. The answer was an overwhelming yes.

The poll shows that close to 75% of the country’s population has a problem with people undergoing a circumcision when they very young. The timing of this poll result is great for the Danish government. They are due to debate the matter in their parliament over the coming weeks. There is talk of a complete ban on circumcision; if it can get enough support.

Two of the major political parties in Denmark want the ban, but there are others who are not so sure. This survey should help make their decision. While polls are never 100% accurate, they are a very good indication of how the general population would feel on the issue. Over 1,000 people were surveyed and only 10% thought that it was the parents’ decision regarding circumcision.

Most of the circumcisions that take place in Denmark are done on children who are born into the Jewish or Islamic faith. These religions have a requirement that a child be circumcised. Christian children are not circumcised. Denmark is not the only country to be considering this ban, with Norway and Sweden also debating the issue in recent months.