Securus Technology Journey to Success

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to providing both criminal and civil justice technology solutions that are aimed at public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring in the United States. Some of the public safety solutions offered include incident management, emergency response, public information, investigation, monitoring of products and services, inmate self-service, and also information management. They have worked day and night for these great achievements. These law enforcement agencies help in the collection, distribution, and storage of information within the stipulated time. The company has also been on the frontline offering solution to the today’s android technology whereby people can be able to speak and interact freely from wherever they are.


Securus Technologies was established in year 1986 but had a challenging journey Until 2009. They hired a new Chief executive officer who had what it takes to take it to the next higher level. Before April 2009, the company used to be called TZ Holdings. It has its headquarters based in Dallas Texas but is currently a North America region giant. They have successfully worked for the success of a prisoners or rather an inmate’s life.


Securus Technology has other regional offices in Carrolton and Allen and also Atlanta Georgia. All these branches have been growing every moment, and Securus is currently worth billions of dollars. It is no doubt that Securus has an organized team of staff who cooperate for the sake of their success. Led by Rick Smith and other 1000 staff members, the company is said to have helped over one million inmates, and the number keeps on rising. They have increased their levels of operations so much and are continuing to improve on their technology. They have also been able to make the lives of inmates better through their phone technology and have been able to install communication means in their cells. That way they have been able to interact freely with their relatives.


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