Here are 10 tips to choose a good lawyer

In today’s article we ask ourselves: Why the importance of choosing a good lawyer?

Because all of us, at some point in our lives, more or less early, we will need legal advice, either in the form of legal advice or to take a case to trial. At that time, it is necessary to know how to resort to a lawyer who is capable of correctly watching over our interests. We firmly believe that the presence of a lawyer is fundamental in an important decision since, without a doubt, it is a professional who has to know how to manage our query or problem correctly, and with a single attention and care for each case.

So, who to choose after hundreds and hundreds of lawyers in a city like Barcelona , Madrid or Valencia for example?

Escoger a un buen abogado Barcelona



Here is a brief decalogue with the essential advice to make the choice of a lawyer as accurate as possible:

1- Experience: Pillar number one and, in our opinion, fundamental. Just as we would not allow ourselves to be operated by a surgeon fresh out of medical school or a pilot who has recently finished school and with no flight experience, only an experienced lawyer will be able to offer the best advice and best care for the interests of all those people that come to your query.

2- Branch of specialization: There are numerous divisions of law and when we have any doubt or conflict, it is best to resort to the consultation of a professional specialized in your problem. There are lawyers specialized in constitutional law, private international law, criminal law, administrative law, commercial law, civil procedure law or labor lawyer.

If we know what type of consultation we want to do, it is better to contact the lawyer who is most qualified in your area. If we have doubts, it is advisable that before the first consultation we make sure that the professional is specialized in the subject that we want to treat.

3-Geographic proximity, we believe that it will be very useful for the interlocutor who defends your rights to be close to your usual address, since it will not take much effort if you have to visit it. You will not choose your lawyer because he is simply closer to your home but you will not want the person who takes your case to be more than two hours from your home. We discourage this option because throughout a judicial process in many cases you will need to go to him to visit him, see the evolution of the case or deliver papers.

4.- First consultation: once you have reduced your decision to some law firms that respond to your expectations, it is best to consult with those few who generate more confidence. In this first visit, state your case so that the lawyer can comment on your situation , explain the line of action and the possible legal route. It is a vital contact to know how your case will be structured.

5-Cost: Once you have completed the visit you must know the fees with all possible scenarios; both the positive and the negative. Do not trust, and much, if a lawyer offers you prices that are below the market. You may save a little but if you finally lose your case you will have lost a lot of time and money. The price is, undoubtedly, a differentiating element and for this reason you should know the fees and demand transparency, but our advice is that you are not guided solely by this factor.

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6- Confidence: Make sure the lawyer behind your case is completely trustworthy. Someday I heard from a teacher that trust is binary and does not admit degrees: either you have confidence in the other person or you do not have confidence. If that person is your total confidence, perfect, but if you have any doubts that it is not the right person, go to another professional with whom you feel more comfortable and offers more guarantees of success.

7-Accessibility: Many times we go to a great professional but barely shows attention or adequate respect for our situation. If this is your first feeling, it is better to find someone to take the case to you in the most personalized way. Take note if during your time you try to end the visit quickly or do other things such as checking emails or constantly answering phone calls.

8- Self-interest: The best professional is one who understands your concerns and will advise you based on your interests. A trusted lawyer will not put your interests before yours. You will be loyal and will fight to the maximum so that you get the best compensation.

9-References: Ask for references of this lawyer, if it has been recommended by a friend or relative, and you will know their strengths. Sometimes it is even necessary to resort to the Internet since it is usually a very reliable source of information.

The volume of interactivity in social networks or write a blog that provides interesting content to the community is also a good indicator to determine the degree of involvement with the profession.

10-Success in similar cases: As the first point, the experience is a degree, but it is also very important that you have taken similar cases successfully. It is not the same a skilled labor lawyer in dismissals that another one in labor law expert in mobbing or labor harassment . Within each branch of law each firm is more expert than another at a specific point, distrusting those who offer their services as a firm specialized in multiple branches of law. Surely it will have a differentiating point with respect to the competition that makes them better. If you know him, bet on them.

We understand that in order to choose a good lawyer, it is necessary to take into consideration the points outlined above, but obviously these are not the only tips to be taken into account, as there are more considerations to take into account.

So, when we require legal help from a law firm, we must be reassured that we have been able to choose the right person to defend our interests and, without a doubt, be the most qualified to take our case to a successful conclusion.