The early music career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a business executive in Brazil. He is involved in activities of the financial sector. He has been working with various financial corporations in positions of influence. However, this is not the only career that he has ever had. Cassio Audi has been in other careers. In his teenage life, Cassio Audi was a drummer for a music group known as Viper Rock band. He played drums for the group that specialized in rock and heavy metal music. He joined the group after finishing his high school education. He worked closely with other players in the band to make the group one of the most successful in the 1980s. His influence in the group was huge such that after he left the group struggled to implement music production.

Cassio Audio played a huge role in the group. He ensured that the group remained focused on music production. He not only participated as a drummer but also as a composer. He composed one of the songs that made it into the official album that was produced by the group. Cassio Audi was inspired by a rock band in the United Kingdom known as Iron Maiden. This is a group that had recorded great success in the rock music industry. Cassio Audi worked very hard in assisting his group to also reach such heights of popularity as Iron maiden. The group releases two albums that would see them become very popular in the world. Their first album was well received by music critics who rated it very well.

Cassio Audi participated in many live performances where he provided electrifying performances with the drums. Cassio Audio did not stay long in the group, he left so that he could concentrate on his college life. Cassio left the group in 1989. He went to the university where he could study courses related to finances.

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