USHEALTH Group Is Redefining Family Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a family of companies that provide innovative healthcare services. They offer a full portfolio of tailored health coverage plans that meet specific needs of their clients. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, USHEALTH Group family of companies has gained adequate experience and earned reputation as a reliable provider for flexible, secure and affordable plans for families. The company offers quality coverage, including specified diseases, critical illness, accident insurance, short-term accident disability income insurance, vision, dental coverage and many more. The team operates on the core value of Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) where they commit to the mission of bringing positive change in people’s lives on a daily basis.

The company’s products are reliable and affordable. The entity is open to offer coverage for any healthcare needs of the patients. These services include daily medical expenses or coverage for serious medical events. With extensive knowledge of the customers’ needs and long period of experience, USHEALTH Group incorporates these elements to deliver excellent and unmatched solutions. Planning for uncertain future where you want the best choice for your family healthcare can be a challenging process. USHEALTH Group has a team of dedicated professional agents who analyze your financial needs and help in designing the right plan with long-term health benefits for you.

The company offers you the option of buying more coverage without extra underwriting. A client is free to purchase PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness plus Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider. It provides them with a one-time right to buy Premier Med Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense without any additional underwriting. This option enables you to pay for coverage only when you need it. Patients receive first dollar payments for incurred costs up to a benefit maximum for the coverage using the PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans. When clients do not use their benefits, they cannot lose them due to the special doctor visit “rollover” feature in these plans. Under PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans, clients enjoy an essential health benefits plan where they must first satisfy a deductable each year before they qualify to receive benefit payments.

Their products include MedGuard, Accident Protector, Secure Dental, and Life Protector. MedGuard is a 5-year renewable term life insurance with an accelerated benefit. MedGuard Health Coverage offers benefits for medical treatment. However, non-medical expenses benefits are not included. When you are diagnosed with a condition that is covered, MedGuard allows you to receive a lump-sum cash payment. With Accident Protector, you benefit from extra coverage that helps cover out of pocket expenses incurred in relation to the accident. SecureDental preventive care comes under three plans, which are Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, and Saver Plan. LifeProtector is a ten-year renewable term life insurance that provides financial security needs of your family.

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