Walt Disney Company will also eliminate the plastic straws of their businesses

Bob Chapek, one of the main directives of the Walt Disney Company, has confirmed the movements of the company in favor of the environment

Walt Disney Company will also eliminate the plastic straws of their businesses

Walt Disney Company has announced that it plans to eliminate plastic straws and shakers from all its parks and businesses around the world, with the exception of Disney Tokyo, by mid-2019. This is what they announced today. , highlighting a reduction of 175 million straws and 13 million agitators in its annual production.

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They will also bet on reusable packaging and bags
The decision is part of its “long-term commitment to the environment” and follows the wake of the movements announced by Starbucks and Marriott a few weeks ago; the cafeteria chain talked about the elimination of more than a billion straws per year from 2020 and the hotel group will stop making one billion straws and 250 million shakers before July 2019.

Bob Chapek , president of parks, experiences and products Disney has stated that “eliminating straws and other plastic objects are meaningful steps in our long-term plan for the environment” and that “these global efforts will help reduce our footprint environmental , advancing our sustainability goals “. Likewise, Chapek has confirmed in this article other similar changes that will reach Disney hotels and cruise ships.

Over the next few years, the aim is to make the leap to the containers and refillable containers in the rooms of these businesses in order to reduce the use of disposable plastic, reducing the consumption of such material by 80%. The same will happen with single-use plastic bags in parks and cruises stores, betting on offering customers the option of acquiring reusable bags.

All in all, it is great news that some of the main hotel and catering brands in the world bet outright for such a drastic reduction in the amount of plastic used in their businesses. Surely, that leaders of their respective industries take part in the care of the environment will serve so that others continue on their way.

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