World leading independent financial analyst, Agora Financial publications, reach record number subscriptions

A disconnect between making money and investment information has been one of the major hurdles of creating wealth. For those looking for sound investment opportunities, there has been exposed to some unscrupulous individuals whose aim is too self-centered, and most people have had all their pensions, savings, gone to the drain with the kind of help they get from brokers and other financial advisors whose aims is to get commissions. There has also been a problem with existing journals, newsletters publications and periodicals that offer advice to clients, in that most of these are not independent and usually operate at the financial whims of the corporates and their brokers. This has necessitated the need for an independent publisher, and certainly, the only one out there is Agora Financial.

Agora Financial provides readers with inspirational documentaries, books, and publications, with cutting edge investment information. The publisher relies on sound financial advisors and a research team that integrates the principles of research. The team is specifically non-biased and offers an independent opinion on opportunities, probability, and crisis and offers insightful techniques into the process of growing and generating wealth. The fact that the researchers go out to collect data and observe in the real industry is an important tenet that makes the publications forecasts all the time correct. For example, the company predicted the Mortgage crisis way before it happened. Most of the researchers are self-made billionaires, former hedge funds directors, and Wall Street insiders. The wealth of experience coupled with the vast networks forms an essential basis for guiding readers with exemplary speculations.

The publications have been applauded for providing bold and unbiased predictions, both paid and unpaid, by leading journals and news companies. One can get a copy of their works through both print and digital form.

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